5 Best Free Movie Sites 2017 to Watch Online


List of the top 5 best free movie sites 2017 to watch online with no fake downloads and no sign ups required. A lot of websites promise to give you guys this. But a lot of them are a big useless waste of time, so I’m going to give you guys an actual good list 5 best free movie sites.

5) Watchfree.to

best free movie sites

Watchfree.to is a fairly common website that a lot of people use to watch their favorite TV shows and online movies. My only complaint about the site is some movies do not work, and apart from that, I do get a lot of buffer issues when I watch movies this is just normal. I don’t know why it does that, but it could be better.


4) Xmovies8.tv


This site is good compared to watchfree.to. They have a bigger list of TV series. I don’t experience any interruptions whatsoever. They have full-length movies just like watchfree.to and they’re pretty good.


3) 123movies.to


This website is pretty good too as a bigger and a larger variety of shows you guys can watch. You have all the latest movies out on theaters. I recommend this site you guys can even request the movie to watch. You can search for movies and all that good stuff.


2) Kat.tv


Kat.tv honestly an excellent site. I’m not quite sure if this is run by the owners of kickass torrents, but a lot of you may know kickass torrents got shut down. There was a lot of clone sites of them. But anyways Kat.TV is a good site to watch your favourite movies and TV shows, and they load pretty quickly. There are no speed issues whatsoever.

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1) Kisscartoon.me


My personal favourite Kisscartoon.me. Kiss Cartoon a site to watch specifically TV shows only. I have Netflix I pay for Netflix every month ten dollars, but they don’t ever have family guy season 14. I’ve been waiting for Season 14 for a family guide to be on Netflix for the longest, but these guys have it. Netflix doesn’t have it, and they have every single episode.

So that’s my list of 5 best free movie sites 2017 to watch online.




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