Best Facebook Auto Poster and Internet Marketing Software


I’m going to explain a software tool for Facebook. To post in many groups at once automatically, so it’s a Best Facebook Auto Poster, and it’s called Ninja Blaster.

If you’re one of those people who like to promote on Facebook, this would be the perfect software for you to use.

It’s easy to use, and you can get a free trial to try it out it’s an incredible tool. It is a windows base program, so you’re going to need a Mac running Parallels with Windows or a separate Windows laptop.


What Can Ninja Blaster Do?

When marketing, it all comes down to getting your products and services in front of targeted people. Ninja Blaster helps walks you through this entire process on how to get very low-cost advertising how to advertise without even spending any money.

So based upon from reviews what people were saying and the reputable quality that the owner of this program ninja blaster. He has a good reputable reputation so I can suggest that you do pick up ninja blaster.

Based on using Ninja Blaster I’ve gotten two sales of the marketing program I was selling online, so the program works so big shout-out big kudos to the creator of the program.

I believe you are well worth Based on what you can get out of it and what you can do with it. It does a lot of different amazing things I’m going to explain some cool features about it. You can see below Ninja Blaster dashboard in a screen shot.


Internet Marketing

It is an internet marketer dream tool right so let me scoot over. Just alright so you see the screenshot you got the Facebook Groups right here.

Facebook Group Ninja Blaster

You can post photos to the group, and you can write your status with your link where you want people to go to check out your business opportunity, affiliate product. Anything like that you want to write.

So this is a super powerful feature you’ve got the photo poster which I spend a lot of time using that. You’ve also got the Video Poster, Video Share, Photo Share, Link post and Group Joiner that’s a powerful one. Two different versions right here. You’ve got commenter.

I mean just the unlimited features in this tool are crazy for only $9.95 a month right.


You can also subscribe the emails you send. Emails you can blast out one of your interest out of different groups.

Ninja Blaster Email Tool



Well next, a Facebook page like so you can go around. Like in pages that are based on keywords all this relies on the keywords that you’re targeting right so if you’re targeting make money online, internet marketing, work from home, things like that then all you have to do is type in the keyword.

Facebook Page Ninja Blaster


Next, you’ve got Facebook Admin page that you’re an admin of so your own Facebook business pages. You can schedule your posts that’s a very powerful approach. You can share photos. Just all kinds of different things right there.

Facebook admin Ninja Blaster


Here in Special, this keyword tool is impressive. The image tool has saved me a ton of time all I have to do is type in a keyword it goes out and gets me images download them into a folder for me that ready to go.


Best Facebook Auto Poster:

What I use the most which are the Facebook group poster now what I’ve done is I’ve joined over 1,200 groups on Facebook based on different keywords.

Like make money online, internet marketing, work from home, things like that so all I have to do is put in my Facebook credentials login credentials here then I load up all my groups I can save those to a file and segments them.

So what I did was I went out and when I was using the Facebook Group Joiner. I went out, and I use keywords that were telling you about right so to separate those groups.

I can filter them using the same keywords so if I want just to pull out the make money online for the work from home group or something like that.

All I have to do is type in the keyword filters it’s going to load up all those groups that have worked from home or something like that then I can save those all to file and segment.


Cheap Price:

What I like about this tool is that it is cheap, and it works. You can either get it for $59 for one year, or you can order it in $9.95 only for a month and If You want it for lifetime pay $97.00 one time and is well worth it.


Grab Your Free Trial Now:

It is an internet marketer dream tool.



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