10 Best Valentine’s Day Apps for Android 2017


February 14, 2017, Means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so what I think about Valentine’s Day. I think of the word love, and I am going to tell you about 10 Best Valentine’s Day apps for Android that I loved.

Here are a list of Best Valentine’s Day Apps for Android 2017.


1) Open Table

Best Valentine’s Day Apps Open Table App

We’re going to start off with Open Table. I’ve used a lot actually and what’s nice about the Open Table is not only you can discover a new restaurant and see the ratings, but you can go ahead and book the table. And you don’t need any crazy account or prepaid for anything, but it’s a nice way to ensure you get your seat. Open Table is an app that has been around for a while and has a nice UI. So make sure you install it and check it out.

Download: Open Table


2) Fandango


After the dinner let’s go ahead and watch a movie and Fandango is another application is kind of like Open Table and you can pre-order your tickets for movies, and you can also look up movie times. Also, it does movies discovery, so you know what’s coming up in theaters and start watching trailers and once again it does have special coupons for certain theaters. So you can get a cheaper ticket.

Download: Fandango


3) Yummly


Yummly is an application that is pretty new to me and what it is, it has a bunch of different recipes, and it’s laid out in a beautiful interface. Looks great on Android, iOS and also looks great on iPad too and basically, it lays out new recipes you can try out. Just click on any recipe. It has the ingredients you can save the ingredient into a shopping list. Cool application one hundred percent free.

Download: Yummly


4) Tinder


I know you guys are very familiar with Tinder. You swipe to the right if you think that personal is hot or swipe to the left if you are not interested and if you guys both swipe to the right they put you in chat. Tinder is a great way for singles on Valentine’s Day to find someone who may be looking for someone. Tinder is free, but there is Tinder Plus account if you want.

Download: Tinder


5) OnSwitch


OnSwitch lets you modify your hue and lifx bulbs. There are so many different custom configurations you can use. Now let you know that the application is little buggies. A lot of force closes, and sometimes the lights don’t change the color. But keep an eye on it maybe we’ll have an update and make it a lot better. But as of right now it’s kind of a fun experimental app you can use couple times.

Download: OnSwitch


6) Pandora

If you don’t know Pandora is a free online streaming radio you do have ads, and have the number of skips, you can do. But it just a radio station which you have a little bit of control like rewind and you can skip a couple of station.

Download: Pandora


7) Netflix

If you’re more of a Netflix and chill type of person well how do you know Netflix without Netflix? Netflix is an online video watching stuff. I’m pretty sure right now everyone knows what Netflix is, check it out download it and enjoy.

Download: Netflix


8) 1 (800) FLOWERS

1 (800) FLOWERS-min
1 (800) FLOWERS and it’s not a phone call but it’s a website too, and it’s application for flowers you can go ahead and reserve flowers for your special someone. Sent to their job or sent them home or whatever you want to. They run a lot of special for Valentine’s Day they have a lot of coupon code to their online and just one of the best Valentine’s Day Apps.

Download: 1 (800) FLOWERS


9) Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries
Shari’s Berries, so let’s say you don’t want to do flowers but you rather do something a little bit more sweet while Shari’s Berries can fit that bill for you very similar to edible arrangements where you can send different edible things to people.

Download: Shari’s Berries


10) Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now
Unfortunately, it’s not available in my area, if it’s available in your area and you need a last minute thing for someone special on Valentine’s Day use Amazon Prime Now. Use the link to get Amazon now or to see if it’s available in the area.

Download: Amazon Prime Now 


That’s it guys those were my best Valentine’s Day Apps for Android have a great and safe Valentine’s Day.



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