How to Unblock Any Blocked Websites Without Proxy Sites for School


How to unblock blocked websites that your school blocked without proxy sites for school. This method is easy, and you can use this method to access any websites, blocked in your school, or even in your workplace.

You can visit any blocked website out there, using this method, no matter where you from before we start, this method is only for Google Chrome users, so If you are not a Google Chrome user yet.

I suggest you get one now, in my opinion, Chrome is the best place to surf the web, and it is my favorite! it works on every website. Everything will be unblocked even YouTube videos, gaming videos, whatever.

And when the school block things that can be annoying either if you want to entertain yourself or if they block a website with valuable information or even one that the teacher recommends.

I don’t think they have the best system for at least my school. How to completely defeat that and an overturn that and unblock everything into every website you can watch any video, play a game, whatever you want.


How to Fix That Without Proxy Sites for School

Open a new tab go to your search bar type in: Chrome://inspect/#extensions

And then you will see all these extensions here.

proxy sites for school

You have to find either chromium or just any of the ones you don’t think you need. Then click on inspect Go to the console tab at the top.

Then you have to type in: window.close();

Hit enter so do that for every extension you don’t think you need and don’t worry. It will not harm your Chromebook because these are extensions not built in software.

This stuff that was download by either you or your school. So you can do whatever you don’t think you need. I delete chromium completely because that’s what blocks my schools working stuff.


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And the thing is with your Chromebook every time you restart it they will reinstall these extensions again.

So you might want to bookmark the extensions page. So you can do this every time you restart the Chromebook it doesn’t reinstall every time you log in.

But every time you restart the Chromebook it does so just bookmark it, and everything should be unblocked, and I hope this helped you.



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