How to Use Handbrake to Reduce Video Size While Maintaining Same Quality


How you reduce video file size while maintaining the same quality. If you have ever use fraps or similar recording software you will notice that the files size are very large and it will take a very long time to upload to YouTube.

So what you want to do to maintain the same quality while making the file size smaller. Now it’s quite easy you just need one software, and that’s pretty much it and the software it is called the Handbrake.


How to Use HandBrake

This is the interface that you come up.

How to Use Handbrake

Import Source File

So to import the video file which you want to shrink we’re going to Source and Open file. And I’m going to choose video file which I want to reduce.

How to Use Handbrake

How to Use Handbrake


Main Interface Settings

You can see the video length in the title and the destination of the output file. In the output, the setting makes sure that it is in .mp4 file you can change it to MKV file but I wouldn’t recommend it.

You can’t have any other file types besides that but that doesn’t matter yet now, and you have to tick web optimized just to make sure that you can see it on your mobile phone, etc.

How to Use Handbrake

Advanced Tab

To get the optimal settings for it go to the advanced tab. Here see the reference frames right there you can change Reference Frames from 1 to 4, so reference frames are 4.

How to Use Handbrake


Audio Tab

Now going to Audio tab change a bit rate from 160 to 128 and that’s it for these tabs.

How to Use Handbrake


Encoding Process

I’m going to do hit start and you should say encoding and the fastest CPU the faster encoding process. It should challenge your CPU if you have an old CPU.

How to Use Handbrake

But it should be done in no time and depend on a whole file size. So if it’s a huge file size, it will take some time so you can just leave it and you can minimize it but once you’re done. It should say encoding finished.

How to Use Handbrake


Output Size

When it’s done and then what we do is we will go into the output folder, and so they were handbrake size test, and the original was this file, and it is 780 megabytes and if I take my handbrake size test and I see the size of it 3.87 megabytes.

Original Size                                                After Handbrake Size

How to Use Handbrake   

Now that is cool now we didn’t adjust anything too much we just had to set the parameters properly but look at this 3.87MB, and the quality is still perfect.

Still, there’s no difference in there I mean the quality is still the same as my 780-megabyte upload. It’s pretty much the same quality same audio lower file size. This is a lot better than the Freemake Video Converter.

I use that for quicker uploads. Because I don’t want to rack up internet usage, but this is a greater software to use.

Handbrake is one of that software where it really condenses your file size down to a certain point now it all depends on the length of videos that you do.

Let’s say you do like top 10 lists or videos that are hours long and you don’t know what to do when it comes to decreasing in the file size, but I recommend Handbrake is definitely one of the best programs to use.

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