T-Mobile Insurance Doesn’t Cover Cracked Screens


T-Mobile Insurance, whether you are an existing customer or thinking about changing. I’d like to share what I know about T-Mobile and how you can save money.

Now here is what some of the T-Mobile employees will say, Sir, you’re getting equipment installment plan for your phone you have to have insurance. It’s a requirement because you don’t fully own the phone just like the car. If you have a payment to the motor finance group, then you have to carry insurance with it”.


Is that true?

Now the T-Mobile representative at the store is telling you that you immediately need to get out of the store because that is not true at all. He just wants to get more incentive by selling insurance to you.

Is the insurance worth the money?

Forget the insurance offered by companies like T-Mobile. Don’t be forced into buy insurance because it’s not a requirement.

T-Mobile Insurance Horrible Experience

My friend had his new iPhone 7 plus which he purchased from T-Mobile and had screen broke after a relatively light object fell on it. Although he was shocked, he was glad that he been smart enough to buy the insurance offered by T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Insurance

The insurance offer by T-Mobile’s insurance company is worthless. They refuse to fix his phone, as you can see the screenshot of a letter that is their official position and the position of T-Mobiles.

T-Mobile Official Position-min

The bottom line is that they will not do anything to fix your phone if something goes wrong with it, so that is the bad news.

But not completely, if T-Mobile or assurance a fitting name as T-Mobile ensures you. Your insurance is good right until its insurance company assures you it isn’t.

If T-Mobile Had Honored My Friend Insurance.

This is what would have happened.

1. Assurant Gets the New Phone.

My friend would have had to send his brand-new iPhone to assurance. Which would have replaced it with a refurbished phone? Which means that the insurance company would have received it, a brand-new phone that only needed a screen replacement and my friend would have received someone else’s used Phone? SO IN BOTH CASES YOU ARE AT A LOSS

2. T-Mobile also does not mention that if you incur a need to use the insurance not only do         you lose your phone instead you have to pay a $175 deductible.


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Is There Any Good News to All of This?

Well, we have still a few good companies left in the world, and personally, in my opinion, it’s a fact which makes them the world’s greatest companies.

My friend discussed the issue with a Licensed Apple Repair outlet who offered him replace the screen for only $150. There were tiny complications like to wait for at least seven days to get the phone back.

So a more effort put in by visiting the official Apple Store he was given the best deal of screen repairing within one hour for $150.
Clearly read all FAQS of whatever type of insurance you sign up for and also the terms and conditions.

Yes, it is a hectic task to read a long list at that time but believe me it will save you from a huge misery at the end. Forget the scam insurance offered by companies like T-Mobile. If you purchase an Apple product go immediately to the Apple website and get AppleCare for your device.

The most important thing to note is that according to an Apple representative the AppleCare would have cost $100, and the replacement for the screen would have been 29$ still under the 150$.



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