The Mysterious Microsoft Surface Phone


Will Microsoft launch a new Microsoft Surface Phone in 2017? The evidence is increasing. 2017 set to be a significant year for Microsoft.

As the company is ready for some updates for its Windows 10 software. As well as some new hardware releases and also the long-rumored Microsoft Surface Phone. Microsoft shouldn’t release the Surface Phone now. First off if you don’t know about the Surface Phone.

A Surface Phone has had rumors going around for about two years which is going to be Windows Phone that’s as big as a phablet running Windows 10 mobile with like ultimate hardware specs something that every dies hard Windows fan is going to love.

Well everybody’s going to love because who doesn’t love Windows phone now announcing the Surface Phone has its good side but it also has its bad side.

It’s going to confirm a lot of things that we’ve been here and based on the rumors for the last two years. But on the best side, it can kind of cost Microsoft, in the end.


Software and Hardware

The Surface phone may be ready regarding hardware looks and stuff like that, but it’s not ready when it comes to software. Now don’t get me wrong Windows 10 mobile is a huge upgrade from Windows 8 and 8.1 on Windows Phone it has a lot more features.

It’s just overall better, better messaging, better system, better mechanics, better looks, everything’s better, good job on that. We love Windows 10 mobile it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Windows Phone for the Surface Phone to be a big success and appeal to a larger fanbase you have to iron out Windows 10 mobile.

There’s still a couple of bugs that need to fixed not only that we still need more features. Windows 10 mobile has increased and given us so many features, but we still need some features that make us stand out from other mobile operating systems.

Microsoft Surface Phone Features

That they have more Redstone builds in mind which means Windows Phone would get more features. Which are a good idea, and this is ideal for the Microsoft Surface Phone. But we don’t want Microsoft to give us features just for the Surface Phone and leave out other Windows Phone users.

That mean we should probably add new features that fit both the Surface Phone. Previous phones running Windows 10 mobile I want to highlight the fact that Microsoft should share features across devices.

Because hey Cortana was available to people that upgraded to Windows 10 mobile and it was also available to some windows 10 mobile phones that came out after Hey Cortana came out. The reason why this is a big deal to me is that there are plenty of other phones that support Windows 10 mobile that doesn’t have access to Hey Cortana.

The bottom line is I don’t think we should release the Surface Phone right now. Because Windows 10 mobile still needs to be tweak and it still needs a couple more features.

We don’t want to release the Surface Phone and only give it a few good features and a few features made specifically for that we want to make sure that it has a whole slew of features right out of the box.

So that way it can get the attention it deserves and shine like it should Personally I think Microsoft should wait to release the surface phone and expect to announce it.

So, I can get more features, and Windows 10 can get more features in general but if you think that the phone should go ahead and be released leave a comment below in the box.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date and Price

Those interested in Surface Phone can expect Pricing range between $699 and $1,100,

Microsoft previous launch circle, it seems that an October 2017 release could be the most likely.


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