Top 5 Android Apps of March for 2017


The Top 5 Android Apps of March for 2017 and these are all going to be Free in the Google Play Store so let’s go ahead on into it.


1) Walli – Wallpapers HD


It’s a beautiful wallpaper app that I found, and the app interface reminds me a little bit of Vine. Back in the day you know when you’re using Vine it just reminds me that maybe

It’s the color scheme something like that, but a cool thing about this wallpaper app is you can go ahead and search for your wallpapers. So same interests in the wallpaper based on the sky or space.

I can simply go ahead and search that or say I want a wallpaper that is like dogs in the background. I can go search for dogs. So I like how you can search like that it’s cool when you find a wallpaper click on it, and also can scroll down click on the artist, and you’ll get related wallpapers.

Now when you do find one, you can simply just hit set as wallpaper or can download it, and you’re ready to go so definitely really liked it I would recommend it.

Download: Walli – Wallpapers HD


2) Weather Wiz: Forecast & Widget


Weather Wiz is an excellent weather app that I found it’s minimal which is why I like it, but it does have some cool functionality to as well.

It will tell us what the temperature feels like as well as precipitation wind speed stuff like that, and you can also view that for every single day in the week, so it’s cool it’s a lot of functionality also tells you when it’s going to go light and dark which is nice.

One of the main reasons I like this over any other weather app is that it has a radar section which is just so freaking time cool I like it.

You can go ahead and look at your rain, your wind, sea pressure, and basically, you can get a map of when the cloud is going to go over you and start raining so that’s pretty good and I find it accurate.

Download: Weather Wiz: Forecast & Widget


3) Forms for Google forms


It Is an excellent app. If you want to organize an event or go to the movies or something like that, then you can quickly make a form together.

So what form allows you to do is ask a bunch of questions and take a bunch of information from people to make a decision or organize an event.

So basically I can ask questions: Do you want to go to this event? What movie do you want to watch? What price range you’re aiming for and then you can organize the whole event based on the majority of people’s responses to that, so I think it’s a handy app to have.

Also inside the form, you can add Images, YouTube videos, larger text and stuff like that also you can go ahead and change the color of your form as well, but it’s just an excellent way of getting people’s ideas. I definitely would recommend it.

Download: Forms for Google forms


4) pCloud: Free Cloud Storage


It is kind of like an alternative to Google Drive or something like that, but it has fast upload and download speeds, and overall I do like it. It’s free for 10 gigabytes, and if you want to get two terabytes, it’s for £99.  Which actually isn’t too bad that’s actually a large amount of storage.

Which I like about the app you can cycle through different file types, so documents, music, videos, also the app is very minimalistic it works on multiple platforms so you can get on the iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

So pretty much compatible with everything you can share your files via folders which are public as well similar to a google drive I would recommend this it’s just a great alternative to Google Drive.

Download: pCloud: Free Cloud Storage


5) Unity Widgets


The main reason I’m recommending this app is because of the awesome widgets they have just insane widgets these are so crispy so dope.

I literally can’t explain how cool. Just have a look for yourself there’s totally in my style in my sort of range so I would recommend it to you.

Obviously, it depends on your opinion of how they look but to me, they look so cool, and I would recommend it. They spice up your home especially if you just got a really big blank space on your first page, then you can fill it up with one of these widgets, and it will spice things up and make it look a lot cooler now.

Download: Unity Widgets

That’s it guys those were my Top 5 Android Apps of March for 2017 have a great day.


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