What is svchost.exe and Ram Consumption Problem SOLVED


You can see from the screenshot, there can be many copies of svchost.exe running at the same time, and this is totally normal.


svchost.exe is a container that Windows uses to invoke other things typically various parts of the Windows operating system. Reason to get so many of them is that every single time that windows fire something new for the most part. It launches a new instance of svchost.exe specific to that thing.

The advantages of that if that particular component fails it won’t bring down the rest of your operating system. Where it shouldn’t if you are running everything inside of one little container and something that wrong.

It would cause the entire system to implode, and you’ll be left with a blue screen or having to reboot your computer that doesn’t happen occasionally.

But by compartmentalizing things Windows tries to prevent that so there you have it that’s svchost.exe. Nothing to worry about totally normal.


svchost.exe RAM Consumption Problem Solved

To solve the problem with the ram consumption. The svchost.exe services for the Microsoft Windows in the background that consume a lot a lot of Rams.

so we need just to fix that and took me a while to get to figure out. What was the problem in the windows that do that and what kind of services that can we disable to get the best out of the ram?

It’s easy and simple but just make sure that your windows up to date go to control panel and just hit that windows update and make sure it’s running like working, and it’s up to date.



So let’s try to fix first just go to task manager then go to the processes and you’re going to the memory. This is like sorted from highest to lowest to know what the problem was which services actually taking a lot of Ram so we see the SVC host right now is taking a lot of Ram.



Right click on it go to service.

What is svchost.exe


You will see a bunch of services. So forget about these, for now, we want to turn off the windows update.

So that’s why I going to tell you again make sure that your windows is up to date go to services.



As you can see here, there’s a bunch of services. We got to turn off three services.

  1. Windows Update
  2. Windows Search
  3. Super Fetch

Right click on it, I’m going to attempt to stop. Then click on properties. Startup type to disable and apply.

This is just really simple and same procedure we have to perform with other two services.


Easy to do that just make sure first of all that your windows update before you do any of these second of all restart your computer after.



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